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Are you in a constant struggle to make your data completely safe and secure? In the digital space, a single click can result in data theft and business loss.

Your team is using spreadsheets and documents and performing administrative tasks, giving them major headaches. The worst nightmare comes when the device crashes. All the data will be gone in no time!

Are you going to let all these things control your life?

WBut now say goodbye to annoying manual errors with customized software management. All your problems can disappear with automated plans that increase your efficiency and reduce your manual charges.

After months of researching, we have realized that every business is different, so everyone has unique needs. That’s why Master Bazar stepped into the world of making customized software that satisfies and manages your business needs.

Isn’t it time for you too?

If you are tired of spending money to make software that is innovative and robust, yet there is no success, you have just landed on the right page. At Master Bazar, our team is not just seasoned developers at an affordable rate; we are innovators who keep an eye on every detail and precision required for developing the software. We empower every business owner to thrive well in the digital world.

We are a leading software development company in Delhi that has served over 500 clients all across the globe. We build customized software for various industries, such as EdTech, Healthcare, Fintech, and AgriTech; E-Commerce, Tour & Travel; Courier Logistics; Hotels and Retail, Malls, Entertainment, and OTT; Import-Export; Matrimonials, Social Media, and Real Estate.

Master Bazar gives you a competitive advantage in the digital space because our skilled developers understand the frustration and competition of launching unique websites. We have a foolproof plan to make your software unique and secure so that your productivity is uncompromised throughout. We let you manage the internal process and your daily routine and handle the communication at your level.

We are proud to have achieved the status of the best software development company in Delhi because we maintain the highest ethical standards when it comes to data usage, privacy protection, and cybersecurity.

All these can be availed of at a completely cost-effective price, with affordable extra charges for annual support and maintenance. Our team is available 24/7 to help you out, and you can manage your work with extra productivity and flexibility.

Our Mission

Master Bazar aims to empower small businesses with innovative solutions. Our team of software developers in Delhi is here to give you tailored solutions so that you get the best results. We do not just create software; our team extends their support beyond coding.

Our Vision

Our holistic approach is as solid as ICE (Innovation, Collaboration, and Empowerment), which has always kept us motivated to work toward our mission of giving the best results. As our team continuously experiments with coding and language programs, you will get the most innovative results from us.

Why Choose Us?

If you are wondering why the seasoned team at Master Bazar is the right partner to work with, here you go:


Team with EQ and IQ

Custom Software

Custom software development

Maintenance and support

24/7 maintenance and support

CRM Development

CRM/SRM/ERP Development

New Features

Add new features, whenever you need


24/7 availability

Benefits You Get:

Internal Management

Manage internal process

Increase productivity

Increase your productivity

Less labor Charge

Low labor charge

Manual Work

Reduce the manual work process


Cost-effectiveness and Flexibility

Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage

Better Management

Better management

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Ask yourself: How much time have you been investing in managing your tasks offline? Think about it, and then estimate the amount of loss you have been incurring. If you believe that there is no loss, think again! How much will you save once you can manage your tasks in no time?

Just simple software management is all you need!

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Choose to grow your productivity with the best software development company in Delhi that not only expands your business but also gives you the highest security in this digital space. Let your software do all the managerial work, and you can focus on boosting your business across the globe.

Case Study

A Case Study on how Implementation of an ERP Solution streamlined School Management


One of the prestigious educational institutions was facing challenges in managing operations efficiently. As each branch operated separately, there was a lack of a centralized view on coordinating activities, managing staff, and academic management. The offline management of data was a big waste as the administration and management were having challenges in scheduling and managing staff across all branches. The principal and the administration recognized the challenge and urgent need for some solutions to streamline school management.

Challenges Faced by the School

Here are some unique challenges they had to face:

Lack of Centralised Data: With multiple branches operating independently, there was no centralized system in place to monitor and manage activities across all locations.

Inefficient Staff Management: Coordinating staff schedules, assignments, and performance evaluations became increasingly challenging. It resulted in issues with staffing allocation and resource optimization.

Academic management: No unified system was present for curriculum management and assessment tracking. It leads to academic mismanagement, affecting standards and student performance.

Operational Inefficiencies: Manual administrative tasks such as student enrolment, attendance tracking, and fee collection were time-consuming. There were chances of manual handling, leading to inefficiencies in school operations.

Inefficient Communication: Communication gaps between staff members, students, and parents resulted in delays and confusion regarding important updates, events, and academic matters.

Data Updating: School data was stored offline and was not getting updated on time. This made it challenging to access accurate and up-to-date information when needed.

The Implementation of our ERP Solution, iSchoolMaster

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution to address these challenges, the principal decided to implement a School ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. It offered a centralized platform to manage all aspects of school operations, including academic management, administrative tasks, staff management, and communication.

Some features of Our ERP Solution:

Centralized Management: iSchool Master provided them with a dashboard where the principal and the administration could monitor and manage all school activities across branches in real time.

Staff Management: The ERP system offered staff management by automating processes such as staff scheduling, performance evaluations, and payroll management.

Academic Management: The ERP Solutions provide integrated modules for curriculum planning, assessment tracking, and student performance analysis.

Administrative Efficiency: The ERP solutions have automated manual administrative tasks, including student enrollment, attendance tracking, and fee collection.

Centralized Management: The school ERP solution provided a centralized platform to manage important aspects of school operations, including student data and staff management.

Real-Time Communication: Communication tools offer seamless communication among administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Everyone is notified about announcements and updates.

The Implementation of our ERP Solution, iSchoolMaster

Improved Efficiency: Implementing iSchool Master leads to significant improvements in operational efficiency. The staff can now focus on tasks.

Performance Metric: With iSchool Master, the school principal monitors the performance metrics, tracks progress, and identifies areas for improvement.

Seamless Communication: iSchool Master facilitated seamless communication among administrators, students, parents, and teachers. This is leading to improved collaboration and transparency of information.

Better Academic Management: The teachers can now monitor every student and track their progress for better management of the students.

Cost Savings: The automated manual task improved resource allocation, resulting in cost savings for the school.


ERP Solutions helps deal with the management of various operations to improve overall efficiency. The streamlined school operations reduce manual errors and improve the academic outcomes of students.

*We have maintained the privacy of the client as per our privacy policy.*