Why Building Brand Identity is Important for Your Business?

Brand identity is an important aspect of a company’s brand. Some people believe that brand identity is the logo, while some believe it’s the visual parts of the brand. But brand identity is more than both of them. Brand identity is the perception of the brand that differentiates it from other competitors.

Your brand identity leaves a remark in the subconscious mind of people that determines their thoughts about your business and also influences their buying decisions. So, we can say brand identity is much more than only visual parts of a brand. In this blog, we will see why is brand identity important to make your business outstand and see how to build brand identity. Your brand identity is an expression of:

  • Your values or mission statement

  • Your products and services

  • Your brand voice, including personality, tone, and style

  • Your ideal relationship with your customers

Why is Brand Identity Important?

Brand identity is important in brand strategy. But why? Because it allows your customers to identify, understand, and remember you. In other words, your brand identity creates a virtual image of your brand that stays in the minds of your customers.

A successful brand identity is so effective that it can bring a brand’s name to the tongue of customers by just showing a logo or tagline. What comes to your mind when you listen to “Just Do It”? Nike, right? That’s the result of successful branding and a good brand identity. 

Your brand identity creates a brand impression of your company that customers bring home with them while purchasing. So, brand identity is a factor in influencing buying decisions of people.

But why creating a strong brand identity is so important? Because the customers are not making their buying decisions randomly. People tend to seek connections or relatability with the brands. People tend to visit and buy the brands that they find most appealing and relatable to their personalities.

So, the more you can communicate who you are, the easier it is for your customers to identify you and connect with you. Once the customer gets connected with the brand, they are more likely to buy the brand.

How to Build Brand Identity?

Brand identity is an integral part of your brand. It mainly comprises the visual elements of your brand. Your brand identity should reflect the mission, vision, and values of your company. You need to ensure the brand identity resonates with your target audience. Below is a simple and easy 5 step guide you can follow to craft a strong brand identity:

  1. Define your business goals 

  2. Understand your target audience

  3. Design visual elements of your brand 

  4. Gather feedback and implement required changes 

  5. Incorporate branding into your assets

While creating a perfect brand identity you should remember our ultimate goal, which is to create a brand identity that represents our business in the best possible way. 

Step 1: Define Your Business Goals

The best branding creates an image of your brand in the minds of customers that is difficult to forget. That’s why it's important to pay the required time & attention while crafting your brand identity. Here are some of the basic information you need to ask yourself before getting started.

  • Name of your business

  • Your business’ industry

  • Which products or services do you sell

  • Do you sell to individuals or businesses

  • Are you selling your products offline or online

This is the basic information that you would already be having covered. Next, you need to figure out;

  • Is there any inspiration that motivated me to start the business? Does that source of inspiration add value to the brand’s identity?

  • Is there any reason behind the brand’s name? What does it represent to the customers?

  • How does my product or service contribute to making my customers’ lives easier? 

  • How does my product or service different from the competition?

  • Are my products a necessity, a convenience, or a symbol of luxury? 

  • Why would people want my product/service? 

  • Are any significant beliefs, values, or causes connected to my brand’s mission? 

Once you have answered these questions, pick out the most important ones that need to be represented in brand identity. Now you can use this specific information to build the logo and other visual elements for your brand. Further, craft a slogan for your brand that explains your brand messaging. A slogan does the work of putting your brand values in front of the audience.

Step 2: Understand your target audience

The next step is to understand our target audience. Our brand identity should be in sync with the target market segment. After a thorough understanding of your target audience, define your persona. There should be a heavy emphasis on your customer’s demographics and preferences while creating the logo and choosing the fonts and typography for the brand identity. If you don’t know how to create a buyer persona, you can take help from this blog.

Step 3: Design visual elements of your brand

This is the core part of creating the brand identity. In this step, we will finalize the logo, colors, fonts, typography, and other aesthetics for our brand. Now that you have the buyer persona and detailed information regarding the business, it’s easier to choose colors, fonts, and other aesthetics for the brand. You can choose the best-suited colors, typography, and fonts. Keeping the visual elements aligned with the company’s name, value, and services is better.

Pro tip: Always focus on what customers will like and prefer rather than choosing what appeals to you while creating the brand identity. 

You don’t need to do Google searches like “how to create a logo” or “how to create a brand identity”. You can take the help of Canva, a free graphic designing tool. It has lots of readymade templates for logos and different types of brand styles. You can easily select one of them and customize it according to your preferences.

Step 4: Gather feedback and implement the required changes

Now you can do pilot testing and ask for feedback and opinions from people resonating with your buyer persona. Further, you can do rectifications and changes to make your brand identity more appealing.

Step 5: Develop Brand Guidelines & Implement Branding into Assets

So far, you have defined your business objectives, done comprehensive audience research, made visual elements made, and applied the suggestions after the first survey with a small group around you. 

Now it's time to finalize your brand identity by creating brand guidelines and incorporating branding into your business assets. Brand guidelines explain how to use the branding appropriately. Some aspects of brand guidelines include;

  • Information about your brand’s story, values, and messaging

  • All kinds of acceptable versions of your logo (for example, in different sizes and colors)

  • Different  fonts to use in different contexts

  • A certain brand color palette, usually including hex, RGB, or CMYK codes

  • Letterhead and presentation guidelines and templates

You might feel the need of revising something or adding some elements to your branding, to make it more appealing. In that case, you will need to edit brand guidelines. Hence, you should be open to any revisions to your brand identity.

Hence brand identity plays a vital role in building a successful brand. Brand identity is more than just logo, colors, and typography. It is the combination of a brand’s values and messaging. In this blog, we saw why brand identity is so important and how to build brand identity.

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Let Us Help You Create Your Brand Identity

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