3 Tips from Top PPC Experts to Unlock the Powers of Google Ads

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Google Ads refers to Google’s online advertising program that helps sell products and services to promote businesses, raise awareness, and increase traffic. It helps manage your business online by creating and changing ad campaigns, ad texts, settings, and budgets. Therefore, you need the best PPC agency to help you create a Google ad that communicates clearly and raises your brand’s awareness.

However, many beginners face unique difficulties in creating compelling copy that hits their target audience in the long run. They face challenges like lower click rates, high costs, low conversion rates, and so on. Today, more than 90% of searches take place on Google, and more than 80% of businesses use Google ads. Therefore, it is important to know how to create compelling Google ads.

In this blog, we are going to look at some tips from the top PPC experts that will help you run your business smoothly. 

The online advertising platforms can be in text format, search engine ads, banner ads, video ads, YouTube ads, and other display options. But by continuing the mistakes, you keep on repeating the same, and your business leads to a complete failure.

In Google Ads, there is no minimum budget; you can set and control your budget as per your needs and thereby choose where your ads can appear, set a budget, and measure your impact. The best PPC agency helps to set a clear goal and mission that helps in running the business successfully.

Firstly, let’s look at the challenges faced by poorly managed Google Ads

Consequences of Inefficiently Managed Google Ads

Imagine working around the clock to set up your business goal. However, you still do not see any results. You may start investing your time in Google ads. However, you find out that your Google ads are poorly crafted, hindering your SEO and bringing down traffic.

It is affecting your site’s performance, and you also find out that organic traffic is lower. This indicates that people are also stealing your organic traffic, and as a result of the limited traffic growth, you are staying behind the competition. 

Similarly, cost management and ad blindness also lead to irrelevant ads that do not align with the marketing goals. So, you do not get the most out of your organic traffic to stay ahead of the competition.

All these happen due to poorly managed Google ads that ultimately lead to lowering your site and hindering the growth of your business. Therefore, beginners must know the result of poorly crafted and managed Google ads.

However, beginners need some expert tips and advice so that they learn from their mistakes and keep their ads aligned with their marketing goals.

3 Tips from PPC Experts

Now let’s look at the tips from PPC experts about how to create compelling ads that drive your audience to be your client. 

Using the Right Targeted Keywords

An effective keyword strategy is one of the keys to unlocking the power of Google ads. But if you have been using the wrong keywords or a lack of negative keywords, it can result in some poor results. Using the strategies to search for the right keywords and incorporating targeting techniques to reach the audience opens a lot of scope. Meanwhile, you also need to use the strategy to implement negative keywords.

For instance, you can use at least 20–23 basic keywords that are in all variations—broad phrases and exact matches. Using these variations helps to get quality clicks, which should be your focus and not quantity clicks. The variation of keywords should be closely related to the meaning of the terms. 

Therefore, keyword strategy plays an important role in Google ads. 

Similarly, using at least 70–120 negative keywords helps in refining and fine-tuning the keyword list. Many beginners do not use negative keywords, but using a high number of negative keywords can exclude search terms and therefore increase the ROI of your business.

Prioritize Google Ad Extensions

Google ad extensions are the additional information that lets your viewers know about your business and gives out more ideas. This information is shown in real-time when your audience starts searching. The ad extensions are free and are applied to all the search ads that are within the account, campaign, or ad group.

Beginners have to learn about the various types of extensions, like site link extensions, callout extensions, structured snippet extensions, image extensions, affiliate location extensions, location extensions, automated Google ad extensions, and so on. The newbies have to learn the best practices for using these extensions so that they can apply them to Google ads effectively.

Proper Campaign Structure and Management

Sometimes, a lack of clarity brings on further confusion when doing campaign management. That’s why the beginners who work on PPC have difficulty organizing proper structure, therefore leading to poor performance and metrics. 

Earlier, PPC experts used some specific campaign structures to manage Google ads. Some of the structures, like Single Keyword Ad groups (SKAG), Single Keyword Multi-Match type ad groups, Broad match campaigns, Hagakure methods, and so on, were rigidly used while designing campaign structure. However, every structure has its cons.

For instance, using SKAG may sometimes lead to too much traffic, and you end up paying more. Similarly, single-keyword multi-match types compete within themselves, and cross-ad groups can completely give a different shape to the campaign.

The truth is that there is no one structure to follow while preparing a management campaign. You need to answer these three basic questions while preparing a campaign.

  • Which campaign structure should be used to get more traffic?
  • Which campaign structure should be used with the amount of traffic that is present?
  • How much should you optimize the campaign?

Bottom Line

Every beginner should be working on these tips to become a PPC pro. By incorporating these tips, the best PPC agency serves the best to boost business growth. Successful campaigns just need the right strategy for successful growth.

Google ads have the power to create brand awareness, campaign controls, boost results, remarket, and so much more. Therefore, partnering with the best PPC agency or taking PPC experts into the role will help to build a greater audience.

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