How To Boost Your Organic Traffic With These 4 Types of SEO

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    Have you ever wondered what brings traffic to a website? If you run a website, you may have heard about hiring a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert to bring more traffic to your website. 

    Well, this is what SEO does!

    SEO aims for higher visibility, so it's not just simply putting the right keywords in places but more than that. When you implement a correct SEO strategy, the search engine can find your content easily that is relevant to the search query. As a result, whenever people put forth their relevant queries, the search engine recommends your website relevant to the search query. 

    In the following blog, we are going to learn about SEO and its types which simply is going to let you know which services are right for you. 

    Table of content:

    • What is SEO?

    • Types of SEO

    • Conclusion

    What is SEO and How It Works?

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of getting traffic from various search engine results, that include free organic, editorial, and natural search results. To keep the website’s visibility intact and updated, SEO experts keep on updating the tactics and keep the relevant content. 

    If you want high-ranking Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), I have mentioned a few SEO-effective strategies: 

    • Understand the behavior or intent of your target audience

    • Learn and monitor the latest search algorithms 

    • Find out the latest keywords or phrases that your target audience is searching for and fetch them in your content

    • Optimize the website’s structure, speed, security, and accessibility

    • Make a user-friendly website

    • Track/analyze the website’s performance and so on…

    The search engines show the top 10 sites that have SEO-relevant content with SEO keywords. Your target audience is most likely to select the top 10 websites appearing on search engines.

    Therefore, by learning about the types of SEO in digital marketing, you gain the knowledge and tools to make your website more visible and improve user experience. Using types of SEO services, you can make changes to the different aspects of your website and make it more search-appealing so that your website can easily be navigated 

    In the following, I will give you a brief understanding of the main types of SEO so that you can choose the right services for your website.

    Four Main Types Of SEO That Bring Traffic to Your Website

    1. On-Page SEO

    2. Off-Page SEO

    3. Technical SEO

    4. Local SEO

    What is On-Page SEO

    Search engines look for content that is particularly helpful and relevant to the products and services that are frequently searched for. So, whenever you search for any query, the search engine shows the relevant content first as per your query. So, always a highly informative content ranks well on the search engine

    This is because of the on-page SEO that has optimized the website’s content with relevant keywords and phrases, making internal linking to different pages of websites or interrelated pages, optimizing title tags, meta descriptions to improve visibility, and so on. 

    Therefore, on-page SEO is a process to rank your website on the search engine. The SEO experts use various techniques to improve the relevance, structure and user experience of your website. 

    Here are some of the on-page SEO techniques that you can use:

    • Adding meta tags to help Google bots understand your content better

    • Using HTML tags to highlight the headings and other content elements

    • Optimize images with captions, alt tags, and title tags

    • Connect pages and sources using an internal and external link

    • Use relevant keywords on your page, use title tags, and add a meta description to your content.


    What is Off-Page SEO?

    As the name suggests, your ranking doesn’t only depend on the activities happening on your website. There are several other factors that you need to keep in mind when you try to improve your website's ranking.

    Here comes the role of off-page SEO which refers to the techniques used outside of your website to improve the ranking. It is a promotional activity or link-building activity to showcase the presence and authority of your website. 

    Subsequently, you need to consider external ranking factors too, such as backlinks, effective social media marketing, positive reviews, and so on. So, off-page SEO plays a bigger game.

    Here is what you can do:

    • Contribute as a guest author/submit guest posts

    • Make strong and relevant internal linking

    • Strong social media engagement

    • Image, video, infographics, Q&A, or article submission

    • Blog directory submission

    What is Technical SEO?

    However, on-page SEO and off-page SEO can not work alone, better combine it with technical SEO so that the visitors can easily navigate your website on search engines and it’s easiest to do. The process includes on-site auditing and optimization of the technical elements to enhance the performance of your website.

    If your website is experiencing slow loading with broken images and poor navigation,

    This is what you should do:

    • Make user-friendly designs that are supportive of all devices

    • Use HTTPS to protect your site from cyberattacks

    • Compress images, use a CDN to optimize site speed

    • Fix broken links and duplicate content

    • Submit a sitemap to help search engines discover your page

    What is Local SEO?

    Local SEO is useful for businesses that have a physical presence even when they run online. High-quality local backlinks from reputed websites increase your authority and establish a brand in the local community. 

    Therefore, it is a process of enhancing the visibility of your website locally to attract potential leads and customers from the targeted location. The search engine depends on many factors like local content, links, social profile pages, citations, and much more to search the local relevant results.

    Here is how you can improve your local SEO:

    • Do local keyword research

    • Set up your Google My Business Page

    • Respond to Google Reviews

    • Add locations to your websites

    • Focus on local content

    In Conclusion, 

    There is an extensive list of SEOs, ranging from mobile SEOs to video SEOs and whatnot! 

    Having mentioned the four main types of SEO and the effective strategies, you can improve the ranking of your website. Each type of SEO service addresses the different aspects of optimization. By looking at the on-page content to technical aspects of brand building, combine every type of SEO content to improve the visibility of your website. 

    Also, keep note of the changing trends, the latest algorithms, and consumer behavior to understand the ongoing changes in the digital marketing industry. Keep monitoring, analyzing, and updating the new SEO strategies to improve and maintain the ranking of your website on the search engines. 

    Have you been struggling with 

    • An old site with a lot of technical errors

    • Informing the audience about your content

    • Choosing the right keywords, captions, alt tags, and so on 

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