Social Media Marketing vs. Content Marketing: Which One To Choose

Social Media Marketing vs. Content Marketing

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    If you are a business owner, you think about some unique digital marketing strategy to generate brand awareness of your product and services. Whether it is paid ads, social media, or content marketing, wherever you want to set your foot, these platforms help you get the best ROI. A digital marketing company uses various marketing techniques to introduce new products and services based on their brand goals.

    But there is one question: which marketing technique is unique? 

    This blog will help you see the difference between content and social media marketing. Learning about these two marketing styles will give you a brief idea of which one to use for what. These two marketing techniques help establish the groundwork for launching your product and service.  

    If you have decided to invest more in social media marketing than content marketing, or vice versa, wait until you hear us. There are potential risks, and you may end up losing a lot of customers. 

    That’s what this blog is all about which marketing technique works better? Is it social media marketing or content marketing?

    Before jumping into the answer, let’s learn briefly about both.

    What is Social Media Marketing?

    Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp advertise various products and services.

    Some are appealing, while others are boring; some are colorful and crisp; some are long, and you want to skip but have to wait 5 seconds. 

    These are all social media marketing techniques where you see the advertisements for a while, and the marketers and the social media platforms get revenue.

    Social media marketing is mostly about engagement through customer interaction that helps build a lasting impact on the customers. The content is usually well-curated and short because of the minimal human attention span. The viewers or listeners are encouraged to share, subscribe, or tweet about your product and services, helping you reach potential customers. So, in social media marketing, the purpose of the content is to raise brand awareness, retain an audience, and create a platform for customer-seller relationships. 

    Therefore, content in video or audio form is crucial when looking into social media marketing. 

    Now, let’s discuss content marketing.

    What is Content Marketing?

    Content marketing is not only about writing jingles and putting up catchy slogans. 

    Implementing content marketing strategies helps attract new customers by posting new, engaging, and informative content about the products and services. The purpose is to educate the customers and target audience about the product that generates traffic, familiarity, and trust. 

    The long-form content helps derive traffic and builds trust and familiarity with the customer by addressing pain points and generating leads.

    Now, you may feel that both marketing techniques are essential, but you may still wonder which one to choose. Let us tell you that content marketing and social media marketing are teammates and go hand-in-hand. Content on a website can be in video, audio, or written format.

    But what works the best—which one would derive more traffic?

    Before we find out this question, let me tell you the consequences of not using either. We will be diving straight to the point without further ado, mentioning the potential opportunities you may have been missing.

    What happens when you do not use social media marketing?

    • Lack of trust-building with the customers

    • Limited brand awareness among the target audience

    • No word-of-mouth referrals

    • Lack of insights into customer engagement

    • No interaction with the customers

    • No expansion of the audience

    • And more

    What happens when you avoid content marketing?

    • Lack of information about the products and services

    • Missing out on the target audience

    • No address of pain points

    • Difficulty in lead generation

    • Builds authority

    • Good for SEO

    • Fewer chances of bounce rate

    • And more

    Tip for Startups and Business Owners 

    What Do You Do If You Have a Limited Budget to Spend on Marketing?

    Many business owners struggle to choose which marketing techniques to use. So, let’s break them down one by one. 

    The Mission, Vision, Target Audience, and Content Channels of Your Product and Services are Key To Decide Marketing Techniques

    For instance, you have launched a skin care product to provide customers with flawless skin. 

    This business module comes under the beauty and skincare category, where visual appearance matters. 

    Based on this, the strategy should be designed in a way that the information provided to the customers has to be visually appealing. In this case, social media marketing works best when you post content in the form of a short video format.

    So, it is better to invest more in social media marketing and strategize the content accordingly.

    However, if you have recently opened a financial planning firm, the marketing approach should focus on long-form content marketing rather than social media marketing. Many people look for financial freedom at an early age. They will focus more on detailed explanations than short-form content. 

    You can create blogs, informational posts, guest posts, and other long-form content. You can post long videos explaining what the firm does, how much it costs to buy a home, and other content ideas.

    However, social media marketing strategies and content marketing work in tandem. So, focusing on one aspect will be futile. However, based on the goals and vision of your business, you need to choose your marketing strategy and learn where to invest more. 

    A digital marketing company helps establish these marketing techniques based on the mission and vision of the business. 

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